Monday, August 17, 2009

writing lectures on audio

Bread Loaf's lectures are becoming archived (when it's up, check out the one EBV did our first morning as well as Charlie Baxter's called "Lush Life") and I discovered recently that you can purchase CDs of the lectures at Warren Wilson's MFA program. When I had been accepted to low-res programs (I ultimately went with regular-res), some would woo me with audio versions of lectures, which I've kept in my car, sometimes listening to the lectures on my commute to campus. I think I might have to start a collection.

(Much of what I have been thinking about, in a panic, is: what next? I let my first year in the MFA program be essentially about the program, but I have to remember that so much of why we stop to get an MFA is the time. I need to take advantage of this, focus, focus, focus, and one of those ways is above.)

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Jessie Carty said...

the first year always goes by too fast with students just trying to figure out, maybe who they are :)