Saturday, July 31, 2010

two anthologies

There are two anthologies I want to call your attention to:

1. From Orchards, Fields, and Gardens, edited by Kerstin Svendsen, which will be available in mid-August and is $4 off pre-orders. Of course, I'm extra-excited about this project because I have three poems inside: the title poem to my chapbook (which is still making rounds, but I promise an update, even when it's a bridesmaid again) "The Recent History of Middle Sand Lake," as well as "Kitchen" and "Palming Earth."

2. The other is a collection being published by Harper Perennial, and my tattoo, done by the lovely and talented Shawn Hebrank, will make an appearance in its pages. You can read more about my specific tattoo in this post, and you can check out the book's webpage here. It will be released October 12th.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Friday, July 16, 2010

a few links

- My friend Meryl's Virginia Woolf tattoo is all healed and gorgeous. Her husband did my arm tattoo, so I have a special affection for his literary artwork.

- The New York Times made a little page called Hot Type: Poems for Summer, featuring Tony Hoagland, Edward Hirsch, Carl Phillips, Sarah Lindsay, Robert Pinsky, and Claudia Emerson. (Emerson's Late Wife is one of my favorite books of poetry.)

- The recent issue of The New Yorker has a review of Anne Carson's Nox and a poem by Stanley Plumly. Not long ago, I wrote a review of Stanley Plumly, and a few days ago, I finally was able to see Nox in person and was inspired for my own thesis, which promises to tango with the fragment, the repurposed document, etc.

- I could gaze all day: bookshelf porn.

- New York Times article on WS Merwin becoming poet laureate.