Wednesday, October 14, 2009

first dislocate reading

Tonight: (fiction MFA) Patrick Hueller, (poetry MFA and dear friend) Meryl DePasquale, (non-fiction MFA) Wilson Peden, along with U of MN professor and award-wining writer David Treuer.

Other figures in the pictures: Shantha Susman, dislocate Publicity Manger and that silly pair, Colleen Coyne (editor0in-chief) with Josh Morsell (managing editor), who run the show.

Coming soon: a post on Adam Zagajewski's visit and a post on my (hypothetical) Emily Dickinson anthology.

Of the == == == collective: Colleen + Meryl.

PS: If ever you wish to use photos I took, please email me or leave a comment for permission. (I have yet to say no, unless permission was not requested.) Thanks!


shawn hebrank said...

I'm not sure when you ever sleep.
These are great photos.
I used one of the ones you emailed our way, and gave you credit and a link, of course.
It's 2 am now, time for bed.

Jessie Carty said...

looks like it was fun!