Monday, December 21, 2009

the last memoir

There were people there too, I promise:

A few images from our last memoir class, which met at Trish Hampl's beautiful St Paul home. I will share some of my best notes from the class, many of which will not live up to the experience. My honest opinion? If you have the chance to work with Patricia Hampl, do so. (Don't tell, but a good handful of these people aren't in the class due to a passion for memoir but for a realization that she is one of the best professors in the program.) (Of course, a great appreciation, if not love, developed from our studies.)

For me, it was a crucial class; my own work, poems and prose, have been approaching the self in such strange ways, so it was good to discuss and dissect from this perspective.


shari said...

would love to read some of your class notes. also, which patricia hampl book should i begin with? thanks, molly!

Jessie Carty said...

i've always heard such positive things about the workshops she puts on, glad you had a chance to work with her!