Friday, July 16, 2010

a few links

- My friend Meryl's Virginia Woolf tattoo is all healed and gorgeous. Her husband did my arm tattoo, so I have a special affection for his literary artwork.

- The New York Times made a little page called Hot Type: Poems for Summer, featuring Tony Hoagland, Edward Hirsch, Carl Phillips, Sarah Lindsay, Robert Pinsky, and Claudia Emerson. (Emerson's Late Wife is one of my favorite books of poetry.)

- The recent issue of The New Yorker has a review of Anne Carson's Nox and a poem by Stanley Plumly. Not long ago, I wrote a review of Stanley Plumly, and a few days ago, I finally was able to see Nox in person and was inspired for my own thesis, which promises to tango with the fragment, the repurposed document, etc.

- I could gaze all day: bookshelf porn.

- New York Times article on WS Merwin becoming poet laureate.


margosita said...
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margosita said...

Your little tidbit at the top reminds me that I always intended to get at tattoo at the end of the MFA. Now this is all I will think of for the rest of the day.

Should I? Can I afford it? What (WHAT!?) would/could/should I get?

(I had to delete and repost due to an unforgivable you're/your confusion!)

Molly said...

You should, and you should definitely get it from Shawn Hebrank (are you coming back to MN after the MFA or staying in CA?).

Check out (yep, mine's right there at the top for a while now--but there are some amazing other tattoos throughout) for ideas. Do you have a favorite book or line? Shawn has done a lot of bookish tattoos in the past, so you should peruse his gallery, and if you're serious, you could email him and let him know what you're thinking. He's great to work with.

shawn hebrank said...

aww, thanks Molly.
you're a one woman marketing team.

Jessie Carty said...

That bookshelf porn is awesome :)